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Located in San Diego, California, House of Wahls boasts over 29 years of expertise in residential interior design and real estate investments. As a tight-knit family-owned business led by a mother and her two daughters, we specialize in the art of crafting and acquiring homes. Our diverse skill set empowers clients to design their dream home or facilitate a stress-free and swift sale without additional fees.

At House of Wahls, we pride ourselves on our reputation for integrity, offering clients honesty and industry knowledge in both real estate and design. Whether you're embarking on a seamless design journey or aiming for a quick home sale, we are committed to exceeding expectations and guiding you through every step with dedication and care.

Meet the Team


As a family owned business, our mission is rooted in service. Guided by our faith, we are committed to utilizing our gifts and talents to positively impact the lives of others through our deepest passions: homes and design. With unwavering dedication, we seek to create spaces that not only reflect aesthetic beauty but also serve as sanctuaries for joy, comfort, and meaningful connections. Through our work, we aim to exemplify the principles of faith, integrity, and compassion, making a lasting impact on individuals and communities alike.

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