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Top 5 Affordable Holiday Decoration Stores

I don't know about you, but when it comes to decorating for the holiday's I like to change up my themes every year which can get a little pricey, so I put together a list of all my favorite affordable shops that can help you cut the cost.


Although I love the smell of fresh balsam from a real Christmas tree, I typically stick to a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree from Target to simplify the amount of maintenance I have to do on a real tree. Plus, I am one of those crazy people who gets way to excited for Christmas and decorates before Thanksgiving... I know curse me right? If you are like me, then a real tree probably won't make it all the way to Christmas, so that fresh balsam smell won't always stick.

Aside from your Christmas tree, Target is a great pace to purchase all your holiday decorations but be careful because next thing you know is that you spend waaay more than your budget here... trust me it happens every time.


Wayfair pretty much has all you need to decorate your entire house and then some, but I personally recommend it for things such as ornaments, table runners, plates, tree picks, pillows, blankets, etc. because these particular items you can reuse or repurchase without feeling like they cost an arm and a leg. If you are going to purchase decorations from Wayfair, I would stick to things you don't expect to use long term.

As far as holidays go, they also have some of the biggest sales of the year which is definitely enticing.


Similar to Wayfair, Amazon pretty much can decorate your entire house but I like to purchase things here that are simple, not something that costs a pretty penny and then doesn't last you through the season. On the flip sides, Amazon is a great place to purchase things like batteries, extension cords, string lights, LED lights, pre-lit candles, taper candles, etc. that you may need for your other decorations.

As a small business owner myself, I like to support other fellow small businesses. Dandy Home & Ranch is like another Anthropologie in my eyes. They have got all your home and kitchen decor needs as well as holiday decor needs at a very reasonable price. If you live within a close proximity to Yuma, AZ, I highly recommend you go check out their store because it is just magnificent during the holidays. If you are somebody who likes to purchase items that not everyone has, Dandy Home & Ranch is the perfect place to get them.

The Christmas Market is a shop located in Australia with one-of-a-kind pieces at an affordable price. From Christmas trees, to ornaments, to gifts, to decorations, to pet bandanas, to wrapping paper, they have everything you could need to really get you in the spirit of Christmas.

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