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Neutral Chic Thanksgiving 2022 Dinner Table

Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Change up your Thanksgiving dinner table by taking a neutral approach that you can easily repurpose for Christmas. Here is a list of must-haves to get your table looking like it was professionally decorated.

1. Start with the base of the table

Table Runner

I always love starting with a base of neutral colors such as beige because you can easily reuse it for any holiday or dinner party instead of having to purchase something new for every event. Especially when holiday season comes around, it makes it that much easier to swap the plates and centerpieces to match any theme you go with.


2. Dinner Setting

Dinner Plates

Now that you've completed the base of the table, it's time to add the necessities. I personally love a beige dinner plate so that you can easily dress it up with pumpkins, turkeys, or other colors to spice it up because ladies and gentlemen we are most definitely not basic.

Salad Plates

Alright, here is where the fun really begins. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the traditional turkey. Even if the turkey doesn't make an appearance in your dinner meal, it doesn't mean it can't make an appearance on your dinner table.


It's time to add a bit of color and personally I'm obsessed with using the color olive green any chance I get. However, if you're not feeling the color green, this dinner set up was designed to be easily customizable for your color tastes.

Napkin Rings


Gold hardware and silverware has to be one of the biggest trends this year. These utensils match perfectly with all the tableware and decor making it look custom and chic.

3. Drinkware

Water Glass

Although this is technically a wine goblet, I would say it can be used for any drink you pour in it and perfectly matches the designs.

Wine Glass

For those who know me, I'm a red wine fanatic so I always make sure there is glass in my dinner set up.

Champagne Glass

Lastly, Thanksgiving is a holiday to give a toast to what your thankful for so make sure you got your flute ready to say cheers!

4. Table Centerpiece Decor

When it comes to setting up a spectacular table centerpiece, I personally like to keep the decor short so that you can easily chat with people across from you without feeling like you are looking around it.

Taper Candle Holders

Eucalyptus Garland


Small White Pumpkins, Tall White Pumpkins, Gold Pumpkins

Love this dinner set up and want more inspo? Like, comment & subscribe for more.

(Image Credit: Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma & Kirkland)

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