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Introducing Wahls House

Hi Readers! Welcome to my blog, Wahls House!

Hello darling, my name is Natalie Caddell and I am the home design expert and founder/CEO of "House of Wahls." After many long days and nights, I'm stoked to announce the launch of my dream company and most of all, I'm stoked to turn this dream into a reality with all of you. But before we get down to business, here is a little bit about me, the story behind "House of Wahls," and the future of my blog.

Where it all began

I am the youngest of three in a family of three generations of real estate agents. My grandmother was a mobile home realtor, and at the age of 3 my father already began to show signs of being a salesman by selling overpriced balloons to their neighbors. My mother, we call her the genius, came from nothing and turned herself into a CEO (and my dad's boss) of her own real estate company. Alongside my dad, they became a successful real estate power team who encouraged, supported, and helped one another grow their own empire. All of this played an important role in my brother, my sister, and I's stories to becoming our own entrepreneur's.

As you can see, I was surrounded by interior design through real estate my entire life. My family had planted the seed that would only flourish the moment I met my future husband who would encourage me to follow my calling and one day become my own boss lady.

The Wahl's who inspired "House of Wahls"

In June of 2019, I met the love of my life, Troy Wahl, during a job tour. Fun fact, he also happened to be my mom's best friend's son, whom I never had the chance of meeting until then. Four months after we met, I asked him out and we instantly connected. Considering how close our mothers were, we avoided telling our families we were dating for a few weeks. It wasn't until Christmas time that I finally got to meet the Wahl family and let me tell you... I was terrified to meet his attorney twin sister who was very protective of her brother.

Surprisingly enough, the moment I met his

sister (who by the way was ready to interrogate me) we instantly became best friends. I ended up being a little intimidated by his dad who was a retired police officer and a man of very few words. Before this meeting, Troy never mentioned anything about his dad being naturally quiet, so I just thought the man was trying to see if he could scare me.

Oh and I most definitely cannot forget about the one who instigated this whole relationship, Troy's mother. When they say you date people like your mother, they weren't kidding... this lady is me to a tee. She likes flowers, I like flowers, she likes decorating, I like decorating, she wants to remodel her house five million times, I want to remodel my house five million times, and as you can see the list goes on and on...

It is not everyday that you meet a family that loves each other just as much as your own does, let alone loves each others families as much as their own. In May of 2022, we got engaged and are expected to married on October 7, 2023. #wahlyouneedislove

Introducing "House of Wahls"

The name "House of Wahls" was inspired by the Wahl family of 4 calling me the roof to the 4 Wahls (walls) which now completes their home. House of Wahls is more than just a home decorating and space planning company. It was created to help people tell their own story with the things they love in a place they call their home.

House of Wahls is a Christian owned, Jesus Freak, God loving kind of business and I give all glory to him in all the beauty that is made here.

The Blog "Wahls House"

This blog is only the beginning of an exciting journey to come. If you enjoyed my story, I invite you to like and leave a comment. Also, don't forget to subscribe now to stay up to date with all the latest trends, sales, stories, and much more. Subscribe Now.

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